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Hello, I'm back!!! (> ᴗ •)♡ ! ☆ Geek ☆ Games ☆ Travels ☆ JFashion! ☆

Hello again!!! (> ᴗ •)♡

Welcome to my new blog!!!

Hello! So happy you're here!

I'm known as Ruiz, and I looove games, fashion, geek/nerd lifestyle and traveling!

I am a Product Designer, and art is my thing! I've experience working as a designer (Product, UI/UX, Fashion, Graphic and games designer), blogger/influencer, and now I'm also a wanna be professional gamer!

I've been writing blogs for over ten years! I took a break to refresh my mind; but writing, recommending amazing places for you to visit, attending nerdy events and sharing tips and links about alternative and JFashion (among so many other things) is a passion that motivates me a lot! So I decided to write again

Retrato de jovem de cabelo colorido em várias cores, princiaplemente pink e azul. Veste camisa azul turquesa com estampa de donuts de chocolate e gatinhos. Fundo de parque de diversões num dia ensolarado. Há uma tag com o endereço do instagram e uma patinha de gato.

This is meee!

And, with great joy, I'd like to announce that this is my new content creator's journey, with a brand new blog to keep in my mission to share positivity, motivation, and help you to be your best geek version - or maybe nerd, colored hair, alternative fashion, Jfashion, maybe everything mixed... Together we can create a more authentic, empathetic, and positive world!

If you like colors, games, visiting interesting places, authentic fashion, among other sensational things from this big world that I manage to bring here... This is our space to share! ✨

New Identity

Have you already taken a look at our links page? There are social networks, stores, websites, partner brands and affiliates... Many new areas!!!

I decided to unite everything on the official website, and give it a new visual identity with a lot of inspiration from astronomy (planets, stars in general haha), Japan, games, kittens... I love it sooo much! Do you like it too?

The idea is to always bring changes, both for the blog and for the site's aesthetics. ❤️ So whenever you can, come check them out!

Meet the channel's mascot/chibi!

This is our first mascot! A chibi with a very gamer look + colored hair to represent the channels - especially my ☆ Twitch ☆ - and to use on the website/blog. Any suggestions for his next looks?

Ilustração de personagem estilo anime, com cabelo de várias cores e olhos azuis. O personagem veste uma camiseta preta com estampa de pata de gatinho

Stellar Hugs!

Thank you so much for making it this far!

I hope you'll find a lot of inspiration through the posts, through the website, maybe also through the videos... I'll do my best to continue this construction! ❤️

And, to start, I wanna hear from you: what would you like to see here on the blog? What types of recommendations do you like the most, and/or would you most like to see within the topics I wrote (or maybe even something I haven't mentioned here yet)?

My initial idea is for this to be a space for the complete posts, so I can write with much more details about what I'm creating on Instagram. So if you have suggestions, feel free to interact and send me your questions, tips and ideas!

By the way, do you already know our Instagram? Follow uuus!!!

Botão com personagem que leva ao Instagram

Click the button above to be redirected, but if you prefer, you can copy and paste directly into the Instagram's search:


Hope to see you there, and follow us on other channels/social media too! All the links are here (click to access the page).

See you soon, and have a wonderful, starry day! ☆ ✨



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