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Level up your nerd & geek lifestyle game, and be a pro-player on fashion, kawaii, travel and gaming tech!



Pixels and Dreams:

A Designer's Journey ❤

About Me!

Tech Creative from Brazil-SP! Photographer ☆ Illustrator ☆ Fashion, Graphic and Games Designer! ・゚☆

Hello! Nice to meet you!

I'm known as Ruiz, and I looove games, fashion, geek/nerd lifestyle and traveling!

I am a Tech Creative (content and tech creator) Product Designer, and art is my passion! I've experience working as a designer (Product, UI/UX, Fashion, Graphic and games designer), blogger/influencer, and now I'm also a wanna be professional gamer!


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You'll find articles about fashion, kawaii, colored hair, travel, geek & nerd lifestyle, games, tech and much more!

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